Sunday, September 16, 2012

Putting All Our Faith in our God

Originally Alyssa and I (Kaitlyn) were going to share a child and be a Christmas Warrior for them.  That child was sweet Novella, as you more than likely already knew. ;)  
Alyssa signed the form saying she was the official Christmas Warrior of Novella.  We were so thrilled to be a Christmas Warrior for her.  And you didn't need me to tell you that if you follow any of us on Twitter or Facebook.  Ha ha! I'm sure you already noticed it. ;) 

Not very long after that we both wanted to help another child.  We couldn't shake the feeling away that maybe God was pulling us to put all of our trust in Him to find a way to raise $2,000 before the end of December for those angels.  So we decided we would pray about and decide the next day.  The next day came and we talked about it around noon.  By then we both knew exactly who God wanted us to take on.  

And that child's name is....


Yes it's that same little sweet face I am an Official Prayer Warrior for! :)  My baby Tabi!  Who I've watched sit and grow up in an orphanage for too long
I literally have every picture that is available of this child!  I've prayed every night for almost over two years now!  My goal here is to raise $1,000 for her along with finding her a forever family!  

Alyssa has the same goal for her baby, Novella.  She has a goal of $1,000.  

While we both have different children, we both have the same goal for them, and we're going to be holding fundraisers that will more than likely open in early November.  We'll be working together to raise money, and the money will get split equally between the two children. To make it fair.  

We're best friends who want to work together to find both Novella and Tabitha's FOREVER FAMILY and raise $2,000 for them! :)  We're only juniors in high school and all that but we serve a MIGHTY God!  We're putting all of our faith and trust in Him to help us raise enough money for them.  We're super excited to be their warriors and we hope you'll help us by praying for us and them.

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Thank you so much! :) 

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  1. Did you see that Tabitha is on the My Family Found Me Page? She has a family coming for her!